Fair Moans at Pride: Why are we present here?

Fair Moans is a celebration of the explorations of self, relationships, sexuality and sex. We aim to be engaged in our city’s vast and diverse communities, to listen and respond to your desires and passions, to be a place of welcoming and change. We will not just be a sex store — we will: share and receive education; be collective and collaboratively run; be accessible and joyful; and focus on locally-sourced and high quality products. We see the intersections of sex and all justice struggles and the ways in which they severely limit us, our relationships, and our pleasure. This is in our blood and we support a Pride that has these goals. We want a Pride that is mindful, willing to listen and be heard, bold, justice-based, welcoming and joyous. We want to be proud of our Pride.

We oppose the Delta Foundation’s invitation and defense of Iggy Azalea, which is indicative of an organization whose agenda is deeply out of touch with the communities it claims to support. Iggy’s decision to cancel her appearance and apologize for her homophobic, racist, and appropriative actions is not the end of this conversation or this work. We cannot support an organization whose fiscal priorities, events, and messaging flies in the face of queer and trans people of color who are directly impacted by systemic racism alongside institutionalized queerphobia. We stand alongside City Council President Bruce Kraus and the many organizations putting forth grassroots efforts to support Roots Pride in their push for the care of these communities, the reorganization of the foundation, and the respect, healing space, and opportunity to celebrate our lives and struggles with quality, conscientious entertainment.

Please join us not only in our personal beginning but also in building a system that uplifts all of us. We are grateful to be able to focus on our dreams of a welcoming and community-driven sexual resource center, and we know that we could not live this dream if not for the work and the lives of those who came before us. Fair Moans looks forward to to connecting to you, to serving you with intention, and providing great toys and tools for all your sexy needs. Grassroots efforts are the most powerful representation of the people reclaiming their power, and it is truly our pleasure to be part of this. We are excited to remember and honor our roots so that we can grow with you.


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